Invest in one of the world’s leading price comparison engines for used cars.

Ooyyo is synonymous with buying used cars.
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What we do?

Big Data Driven

OOYYO aggregates and analyzes more than 10,000,000 car listings worldwide! We allow tens of millions of car buyers to get relevant prices and find affordable cars in an efficient and easy way.

Direct to Seller VDP

How OOYYO increasing valuation

AI, predictive pricing and merchandising data, is saving the car dealer
industry hundreds of millions of dollars.

In used-car retailing, every day counts because every car represents both a big investment and an opportunity cost. Having this insight is key to maximizing inventory turn and ultimately profits.

After crunching mounds of data, OOYYO shows how price changes can affect how long a vehicle stays in inventory.

Car sellers can use OOYYO DATA to buy, sell, and manage inventory accurately and effectively.

AI Powered

Combined with OOYYO AI-powered analytics, this level of automotive data and insights is not available anywhere else in the European market!

OOYYO can set up many other predictive models and save hundreds of millions of dollars in large car operations expenses.

5,000% return on investment

OOYYO holds a leading position in over 20 markets.
We expect to either go public, or be acquired at a $1B valuation.
CARVANA - Valuated at $51B
OOYYO - Expected to reach over $1B valuation
For a limited time, OOYYO is offering investors the opportunity to invest in its top used car sales technology/internet company.
TRUECAR - Valuated at $550M
Partnering with:
We have partnered with, a leading pre-IPO group with a track record of many pre-IPO success stories and multiple executives that have taken companies public.
When searching "used cars+country" OOYYO already ranks number 1 in many European countries!
OOYYO is ranked #1 in 15 countries including France, Spain, Italy, and Turkey
OOYYO ranks within top 5 positions in Google Search results for a term: “used cars“ in 25+ countries
Currently, present in 27 markets and generating 10 million active monthly unique visitors over the last 12 months.

Global market presence

OOYYO is positioned for long term success!
Market cap./valuation Expecting over $1 billion $5.8B $7.7B $51B $557M
# of car listing 10 Million 20.400 30.000+ 35.000 890.000
# of annual website visitors 10 Million 195 Million 105 Million 13.59 Million 11.11 Million
# of countries 27 United States 30+ United States United States

Company highlights

OOYYO holds a leading position in over 20 markets.
We expect to either go public, or be acquired at a $1B valuation.
OOYYO is one of Europe’s leading car price comparison websites.
10 million car buyers and international dealers visit OOYYO each year to research car sale information on millions of cars that is aggregated and analyzed using AI by OOYYO from thousands of information sources.
OOYYO website visitors purchase 2 million cars per year or over 10% of the European used car market.
Est. 17 million used cars were sold in key European markets at est. value of $200 billion.
All of OOYYO’s traffic is organic!
With over 140 million page views over the last year. Zero money is spent on paid advertising. Average visitor acquisition cost is always $0. OOYYO has a huge and dedicated consumer following.
Notable investments & projects
CEO's prior notable investments and projects include, a novel distributed social search engine sold to Facebook in 2012, and (, a leading vertical search website, data, and AI for used cars in the United States, acquired by Vroom, Inc. for $120M in 2020.
Experienced team
Management team has decades of experience in the ecommerce industry (with focus on M&A and AI)

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5,000% RETURN on Investment Opportunity.